Choose which game mode suits you best to earn rewards!
The Khosmium METAVERSE allows us to play PvE and PvP on different maps and in different game modes:
The player will assume the role of a hero who, equipped with different items and armour, will enter Khosmium, ready to face a multitude of enemies and objectives, alone or in a team. Accompanied by his pets, he will explore different ways to obtain resources, be it by mining, stealing, exchanging..., and will also encounter a system of planets where lands can be explored and conquered, valuable resources can be continuously mined and where specific building can be constructed for the breeding and fusion of pets, the forging of weapons and for the development of their NFT's,and thus increasing the power of the account user.
● Create and customize your hero with hundreds of items, starting spells and group elemental skills and don't forget, equipping yourself with armour will give you a PLUS upgrade.
● Your pet or pets will be a perfect companion in helping you advance faster and thus obtain extra resources.
● Delve into daily missions and objectives. It is the fastest and most fun way to grow in the game and increase your rewards, whether in PvE or PvP the offer of rewards will be unlimited and will keep you actively involved.
● The Battle Royale mode will put you to the test along with other users or bots, but don't forget that in this mode there can only be one left and the winner takes all.
● The battlefields are created for the most battle-hardened users, willing to do anything. Here, two teams face each other with the sole idea of ​​destroying the Sacred Source and whoever destroys it will win great loot.
● Create synergies with other users and experience the Group Elemental, combining the elements of earth, wind, fire and water among your team will help decide the outcome of objectives and battles in your favour, and make obtaining rewards easier.
● Endless enemies await you in Khosmium and some are of an extreme level with huge loot ripe for plunder, but don't venture alone against them, join a clan and create a good strategy to defeat them.
● Explore, study and conquer lands, it's the perfect way to evolve your NFT's.
● Mine, breed, merge, to improve your units and objects, and building structures on the land will allow you to have a more fruitful economy and lead you into a more social game model thanks to the exchange, sale, auction... of your models and accessories with other users.