The NFT Metaverse that takes the RPG, RTS and MOBA genres into SOL value!
Khosmium is a RPG, RTS and MOBA video game that delves into the NFT METAVERSE. Our goal is to create a fun playing community that also offers a prosperous and rewarding economy based on Play-to-Earn mechanics.
The Khosmium model is an entry model game with no barriers in terms of gamers' experience.
Currently there are more than 1billon users worldwide actively participating in these genres yet it’s well known that very few generate an income from it. With Khosmium everything is about to change and people can earn $KHOS while having fun.
Khosmium is evolving the RPG, RTS and MOBA genres.
The Game of Dungeons was the beginning of the RPG in the mid 70s and opened a new world to other titles that have stood the test of time in the industry such as Diablo, Final Fantasy and others, with their character progression, complex narratives and rich and interactive worlds.
Games like Starcraft of the RTS genre created the basis for eSport at the end of the 90s, creating a mix of troop management and economy in real time. This genre and more specifically RTS video-games like Warcraft 3, served as the basis for the creation of the MOBA genre and the birth of the first DOTA game and later League of Legend, where the rules of the game were more frenetic and focused on multiplayer battles divided into 2 teams.
The play to earn model is the natural evolution of these genres into a product that for the first time allows you to own our digital assets while earning $KHOS tokens.
It's up to you and your playing ability to generate assets of real value in Solana.
Last modified 8mo ago