At the time of the creation of the Universe, in a very ancient era of the cosmos, when the galaxies and stars were still forming and our world was just tiny particles of dust and gas in the sky, a singularity caused a tear in space-time triggering an infinity of inter-dimensional and parallel Universes. As our world developed, so did dozens of other worlds across space and time, giving rise to Khosmium.
The Khosmium universe is made up of different races and consists of a system of galaxies and inhabited worlds, some unexplored and others that hide secrets yet to be revealed.
A brief History of the initial worlds in Khosmium:
● The lands of Abasia. These are lands dominated by humans, who came to this world through a space-time imbalance (a portal). A world once dominated by fantastic creatures.
● Kingdoms of Ventulonia, Erenia and Alhasina.
● Ventulonia is a small state, bathed in quality sunlight, where vineyards and meadows stretch as far as the eye can see.
● Erania is an island nation that is close to Vetuloina.
● Alhasina the great Berber mercantile city that is located in a vast desert.
● World of Euxines. In this world is the city-state of Telnofia, a large, technologically advanced city with a strong tradition in the code of warfare.
● Helenia, a small world where the city of Alia stands out among all its cities and kingdoms, a city that focuses on maritime trade and gladiator fights.
● Yamata is an island nation. This nation is divided into clans that fight each other. One of these clans, the Shizake, is constantly battling other families for the control and rule of the city of Nara.
● Alteria is a small and cold world with deep valleys and high mountains that is a member of the Federation of Free Planets and is the only planet that has the extremely rare metal known as animallium.
● Colaris, originating world and capital of the intergalactic Empire of the settlers.
● Thalassa, a completely aquatic world where only a few islands exist.
● Earth, a place under constant scrutiny by the settlers.
● Tahatus, a world inhabited by the Tahatus, a race of former humans, who suffered a violent transformation into gelatinous masses due to a failed experiment by the Colonarios.
● Oscury, illegitimate planet where darkness and mystical arts are part of the daily life of a race of extraterrestrials who can enter into communion with ancient and millenary creatures known as the Fatuos.