At the time of the creation of the Universe, in a very ancient era of the cosmos, when the galaxies and stars were still forming and our world was just tiny particles of dust and gas in the sky, a singularity caused a tear in space-time triggering an infinity of inter-dimensional and parallel Universes. As our world developed, so did dozens of other worlds across space and time, giving rise to Khosmium.

Game History

In one of these worlds, known as Colaris, there inhabited a race of humans which were endowed with great intelligence and a great regenerative capacity that made them virtually immortal. The Colarians advanced and developed their civilization at such a dizzying rate that they soon became so technically advanced that they were able to create a powerful galactic empire that stretched right across the known Universes. Later, through their advances in astrophysical science and space application-technology, they discovered the space time singularity that had originally created the infinity of parallel worlds and through further research, discovered and developed a series of space portals that connected all the different worlds.

As they discovered and colonised new worlds through these portals they encountered many different races, some greeted them with joy and others with disdain. In our world, these travellers were seen as gods, giving rise to all the different mythologies that have evolved over time and which we still read and know about today.

During this time a dangerous religious sect emerged among the colonists, which had its own mystical doctrine based on the laws of physical reality. This sect, in its arrogance, based on their greater technological knowledge and capabilities, believed itself to be a superior race. This sect, known as the Immortal Mystics, was eager to gain power and began to use their advanced knowledge and the power of the portals to take control of the colonies to such an extent that the supreme colonial government declared them illegal. The Colonial sect reacted by provoking civil war throughout the colonies that nearly led to the destruction of their home planet and much worse the self destruction of their entire race.

Finally, after huge losses on both sides, the two sides unanimously agreed to end the conflict as what united them was much greater than their differences.

As a consequence of the agreement, the Colonial government declared the Mystics legal once more as long as they didn't repeat the mistakes of the past. However the Mystics still had a thirst for combat and a desire to see so-called inferior races face each other in the field of battle, solely for their pleasure and to satisfy the power of their sustained egos and arrogance. In order to satisfy these desires and so the ravages of war would not be repeated, the Mystics used their power and diplomacy to create a series of battlefields on some of the worlds they still controlled, known as the “The Fields of the Eternal”. Beings came from everywhere to do combat in these fields, some to fight for power, glory or redemption whilst others were enslaved and taken there against their own free will to fight.

These battlefields, governed by their laws of physical reality, were a well guarded secret kept by a chosen few and were thought to be so sublime by the Mystics that they kept the spectre of war and future annihilation away for thousands of years...

However, the Mystics' all encompassing obsession with the battlefields would eventually lead to problems right across the colonies for thousands of years to come. In their obsession, the Mystics abandoned and neglected the portals that had allowed them to travel between dimensions and different worlds. The unattended, neglected and unsupervised portals began to cause havoc in their own worlds; Different races used them to travel between worlds, causing conflict, war and persecution. Their neglect, in some cases, led to uncontrollable climatic disasters that totally destroyed worlds and weirdly in one instance led to children being resuscitated from the dead and wreaking havoc from village to village. In our world the problems were not so catastrophic, years passed, civilizations were born and died and the events caused by the portals became stuff of myth and legend that merely stoked the fears of humans down through the ages.

Seeing that the portals caused so many problems in different worlds, the Mystics and the colonists decided something needed to be done. The trouble was The Mystics needed the portals to transfer beings to the Eternal fields so they could continue enjoying their “Circus Games”, so a solution needed to be found. Therefore in the spirit of cooperation they joined together to develop a technology that would allow them to travel to other worlds without the need of the portals. This cooperation, over time, led to the development of teleportation. Only a selected few chosen colonies were given the power of teleportation and they used it to invoke beings from all ages and all existing worlds to participate in the eternal fields.

As a solution had been found to maintain the flow of beings to fight in the Mystics Eternal fields from anywhere they wanted without the use of portals, many of the portals were closed.

However the main questions now, was not how any being who wanted to fight would reach the Eternal fields but was very much simpler. It was, in fact, would anybody be prepared to fight for the glory, honour and prestige of the Immortal Mystics and if so what was their story and where would they come from…

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