Campaign mode weaves a narrative of interconnected tales leading to a final objective, developing long stories and character progression.

Special Missions focus on key events in Khosmium, separate from the main story. Dive into the lives of secondary characters and explore various factions. Participate solo or with allies to evolve quickly and boost rewards. Each mission offers varying difficulty levels—higher challenges mean better rewards. Temporary tasks are time-limited objectives offering special rewards to speed up your progress.

Raids are the ultimate PvE challenge in Khosmium. Team up and face the toughest foes to earn top-tier rewards. Success demands the best gear, solid teamwork, and a deep understanding of game mechanics. These raids occur in perilous zones open to any clan. Only the most organized and skilled players will prevail.

MOBA is a core game mode in Khosmium where two teams of 3 or 5 players compete to destroy the enemy's Sacred Source. Each player controls a unique character whose skills improve over time. Upgrade your character by purchasing items with gold or essence earned from objectives and enemy kills.

In this mode;

Experience new roles like Strategists, who control minions, or Breeders, powered by their creatures! Create synergies with the Group Ability System, combining the elemental powers of Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire gods.

Conquer the jungle and summon the Colossus, your team's ultimate weapon. But beware—if your enemy defeats it, they claim a great reward! Equip your character with over 100 items from the Lost Jungle and Forgotten Temple store.

Players engage in large-scale combat, collecting scattered objects to survive, with one goal: be the last one standing.

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