Campaign mode creates a narrative of connected tales linked to a final objective with the aim of developing long stories and character history and progression.

Special missions and temporary tasks

Special Missions deal with important events in Khosmium and are independent of the main story. Special Missions allow you to dig deeper into secondary characters and different factions in Khosmium.
Players will be able to participate in different Special Missions, accompanied or alone, to evolve quickly and increase their rewards.
All Special Missions have different levels of difficulty that can be accomplished when players are properly equipped, the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.
Temporary tasks are time-limited objectives that allow players the opportunity to earn special rewards to advance more quickly.


Raids are the biggest PvE challenge in the game, where players will be put to the test and will have to play as a team to achieve victory in order to gain the best possible rewards.
Only the best equipped and organised players will be successful and it will require good communication and knowledge of the game's mechanics.
Many raids are in dangerous territory and will be accessible to any clan.


Moba is one of Khosmium's main game modes where two teams of players, usually 3 or 5 players per team, compete against each other in different Battlegrounds to destroy the enemy`s Sacred Source. Players control a single character with a unique set of skills that improve as the game progresses. They can also upgrade their characters by purchasing items with gold or essence earned from completing objectives or killing enemy characters.
In this mode;
Experience new roles: Strategist, people who can control minions or Breeders, people whose power source comes from their creatures!
Create synergies with other players with the Group ability system, and combine the elemental powers of the Gods of Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire.
Conquer the jungle and summon the Colossus, it is your team's ultimate weapon but if your enemy defeats it, it will be they who get a great reward!
Equip your character with more than 100 different items from the Lost Jungle and Forgotten Temple store.

Battle Royale

Players engage in combat on a large scale where they have to collect objects scattered around the map in order to survive with the single goal of being the last one standing.