The creative and highly qualified team of people behind Khosmium is mindiff.
mindiff are steeped in the gaming industry and their goal is to build a fun playing global community with its own prosperous metaverse economy. With respect to their ability to do this, it's important to look at who they are, where they come from and what they believe in.
mindiff brings together a team of professionals who have been creating and managing RPGs, RTS and MOBAs for more than 25 years, and are deeply rooted in the game-playing community so truly understand the needs of their target market very well.
Also this creative team have been joined by experts in the fields of Play-to-Own video game ergonomics and crypto currencies to provide the best possible advice, information and economic development, in what can be a complex area.
To the team, Khosmium is a labour of love, a project whose future they are totally dedicated to as its wonderful creation is of their own making from start to finish and therefore they are totally committed to its continuing development and truly believe that it will be a huge success.
“Today more than ever, a good project depends on bringing together a herd of brains”
  • Paco Pérez – CEO
  • Daniel Villena – CTO
  • Alfredo Bárcena – ADVISOR
  • Juan González – COO
  • Juan Súarez – ADVISOR
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