In Khosmium, you immerse yourself in a metaverse where you can enjoy different game modes, maps, and missions in both PvE and PvP.

The player plays the role of a hero who can equip themselves with different items in the different game modes to defeat various enemies, bosses or other players. Either take a risk and play on your own or make allies to defeat other heroes, complete more difficult quests and receive higher rewards.

Also, travel with your hero through different portals and explore different lands, conquer new enemies and collect, craft, and build additional resources. You will be granted different resources in each game mode which you will need to craft items, create runes, upgrade your characters, raise the quality of your NFTS, breed pets and unlock add-ons. You can trade anything you don't need on the internal market.

Simply choose the game mode you prefer and get ready for rewards!

In Khosmium all paths lead to your character's growth, be it by fighting, hunting, and processing materials or through personal experience. In Khosmium:

-Having a profession will allow you to create hundreds of different types of items that will help you advance and become stronger. Choose the profession you like the most from those available and create the rarest items of the highest quality.

-Raise pets which will be the perfect companion and help you get the best resources from the most difficult of places.

-Equip your character with a multitude of available items, and use abilities such as spells or elementals, to create incredible synergies by combining your powers with those of your companions.

-Mine, breed, or merge, to improve your units and objects. Building structures on your land will also allow you to have a more fruitful economy and lead you into a more social game model thanks to the exchange, sale, and auction... of your models and accessories with other users.

-Access the Internal Market where all players can exchange their materials, items, runes, and add-ons.

-Complete missions, temporary tasks, raids, Moba or Battle Royale games, to progress quickly and increase your rewards. Choose your PvE or PvP playstyle and start earning your rewards.

-Defeat a large number of enemies and conquer their lands to improve your NFT and rewards.

-Build runes, relics, and powerful mystical items, which can only be crafted with the materials obtained in raids and raids of maximum difficulty.

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