Khosmium is a play to own video game that combines the best of the RPG, RTS and MOBA genres, taking you into its own METAVERSE in PvE and PvP modes.
The player will embody their hero and enter the Khosmium universe accompanied by their pets and their various equipment, which will allow them to: obtain resources, negotiate, exchange, trade, and face enemies or other users, all while exploring different universes and their lands. Both heroes and pets, along with their equipment, will exist as NFTs for players who want to earn rewards, although other players will be able to play for free with non-NFT versions in order to enjoy the game as well.
Khosmium rewards any type of user for playing, collecting or simply supporting the game during idle periods:
  • Play the game: Complete missions, objectives, and battles to receive rewards. Completing regular daily, weekly and monthly tasks will also earn greater rewards and tradable resources.
  • NFT staking: Players will be able to get rewards by locking in their NFT for a while when they are not playing. Players with longer Stake periods will unlock extra rewards.
  • Yield Farming/staking: Be rewarded in $KHOS by contributing to a healthy liquidity provision or volatility reduction by staking.