Khosmium is a gaming ecosystem that empowers gamers to play, create, own, and profit from their experiences.

In the Khosmium Metaverse, players can immerse themselves in a vast and engaging universe and assume the role of their selected heroes.

Accompanied by pets and adorned with a variety of wearables, they can explore diverse realms. Within the game, players can gather resources, trade assets, and face off against enemies or fellow players. The option to own NFT versions of their heroes, pets, and wearables allows players to unlock rewards.

Khosmium offers rewards to all types of users, whether they actively play, collect items, or support the game during idle periods.

Here are some ways to earn rewards:

  • Active gameplay: Completing missions, objectives, and battles will grant rewards. Engaging in regular daily, weekly, and monthly tasks will yield even greater rewards and valuable tradable resources.

  • NFT staking: Players have the opportunity to earn rewards by temporarily locking their NFTs when they are not actively playing. The longer the stake period, the higher the chance of unlocking additional rewards.

  • Yield farming/staking: By contributing to the liquidity provision or reducing volatility, users can earn rewards in $KHOS tokens.

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