Heroes are one of the pillars of Khosmium, where players will be able to play with their NFTs or with free Skin versions of them.

Each NFT Hero will have unique resource gathering attributes and a unique visual appearance. In addition, players will be able to stake their NFT´s to get rewards and tokens during rest periods.

The user will embody one of the 30 initial heroes from among 8 different classes: shooter, tank, fighter, assassin, mage, support, breeder and strategist.

Heroes have 7 levels of rarity: Beginner, Basic, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mystic. The higher the rarity the better the rewards. Mystic rarity can only be obtained through the merging process.

The rarity level determines the number of pets a hero can carry.

All heroes initially have one passive skill, three active skills and one ultimate. They can obtain additional skills through the myriad of items scattered throughout Khosmium.

Regardless of rarity, all Heroes can evolve by; levelling up, using resources and materials to improve skills and stats, equipping themselves with various items,setting runes and through collective achievements.

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