In the ELIXIR Marketplace, this feature allows users to combine multiple NFTs to create a higher level NFT. This is the only way to get a "mystical" NFT skin. Despite this all our NFTs are unique, albeit, most of them in the beginning will be common ones with a relatively similar aspect. As the amount in circulation grows players will develop an appetite for pursuing higher rarity NFTs. The Merging feature gives them a chance to burn through their obsolete inventory in order to get a higher level NFT if the conditions are met.
The merger of NFTs will serve to balance and reduce the supply of NFTs, increasing the value of NFTs as a result.This is just an example to facilitate the understanding of the concept of fusion and does not represent the real value of the fusion process.
All NFTs can be merged in the same way following the example above.
NFT Crafting
When land developement is introduced into the game, players will be able to craft new NFTs using ingame resources or resources obtained by NFT Staking or $KHOS.
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