$IUM is the secondary token of Khosmium and is designed as a reward coin. The maximum supply is unlimited, but will be regulated by buy-back and burn mechanisms.
Players can earn $IUM in-game after completing any of the game modes we offer:
Competing in the arena, and winning matches.
In the PvP Arena or PvE Battles, NFT´s rarity will boost rewards by increasing, by a considerable, the total tokens awarded after a victory. A table showing these advantages will be disclosed on a later date.
The table will include:
● Winning tournaments.
● Completing daily, weekly and monthly tasks.
● Interacting and taking care of their plots.
● Completing the collection of heroes - NFT Staking.
● Participating in special draws.
Players can use $IUM to:
● Change the name of their hero or clan. Each name will be unique in the universe.
● Upgrade their items/nft/pets/skills to a higher level.
● Trade in the Khosmium Market.
● Buy future Khosmiun products that have not yet been announced.
The $IUM Token is the in-game currency of Khosmium. You will get rewards for your increasing achievements as you progress in the game, as detailed in the Rewards section. With $IUM, you'll be able to purchase cosmetics, level up, upgrade your weapons, participate in tournaments, and benefit from many other privileges. Initially, an equivalence of 1 $KHOS = 10,000 $IUM will be established, but the exchange rate will be dynamically based on supply and demand.
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