The Khosmium Native Digital Secure Fungible Token ($KHOS symbol) is designed as an interoperable utility token in the Khosmium protocol and platform.
The main uses of $KHOS tokens are shown below:
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    NFT market
Used as a medium of exchange that provides a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between users participating in the Khosmium Ecosystem.
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    In-game payment
The native currency $KHOS provides a payment method for participants to earn new NFT´s and trade and upgrade in-game features such as:
● Negotiate the rental of your NFT´s characters or other items to other players.
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It allows $KHOS token holders to participate in a variety of events, such as raffles within Khosmium, tournaments, eSports, and exclusive in-game events.
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To promote a decentralized player-driven community, $KHOS token holders will have the opportunity to vote on future Khosmium framework and/or feature development proposals.
Burning and Treasury: All transactions will generate token burn of 80% of the total price. The remaining 20% goes to the Treasury wallet, which contributes to the long-term cost of game development based on decisions voted through the governance token.
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